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Sticky Boom and Direct to Facility Patents Issued

While the Altius team has been busy wrapping up our Asteroid Redirect Mission BAA contract, we received notice from the US Patent Office that both of our first two patents have been approved. The first of the two patents filed, which was issued just today (March 17th), was for our Sticky Boom™ non-cooperative capture technology. […]
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Direct to Station (D2S™) Deliveries System

[Note: this is a blog post version of a whitepaper we recently sent out describing the technical idea that is at the heart of the Altius business plan I pitched at the 2011 NewSpace Business Plan Competition.] Problem Introduction A key missing capability that is needed to enable commercially competitive research and development on space […]
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Space Show Notes

SpaceShowClassroom_Depots [Update: I had a glaring error on one of the slides pointed out. It turns out that an inclined plane in LEO will only line up with an arbitrary departure asymptote once every 360 degree revolution of the ascending node. This means departure opportunities happen once every 50-70 days. Option #1 gets hurt the […]
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SSI Presentation and Panel Discussion

As mentioned previously, I was on a panel discussing a roadmap for near-term cislunar transportation development at the SSI conference this last weekend in Silicon Valley.  For the panel, Dallas Bienhoff and I put together a presentation about some important in-space transportation technologies, with a focus on a depot-centric architecture (Here’s a link for those […]
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