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FCC Orbital Debris Mitigation NPRM Comment

Earlier this year, the FCC released a notice for proposed rule-making regarding their orbital debris mitigation rules. These rules are part of the FCC spectrum licensing process for satellites. The FCC is proposing new rules because the existing rules may no longer be adequate in a world with multi-hundred or thousand satellite constellations. In response […]
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SCAF 2017 Presentation: Open Source Analysis of Iridium Failures and the Implications for Big LEO Constellations

It has been a while since we last posted updates on the company blog, and we wanted to start giving more regular updates on our progress. Part of why we’ve been so quiet lately is that we’ve been actively developing technologies and a business plan for a “BullDog™” Low-Earth Orbit Satellite Servicing offering. We’ll provide […]
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