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New Moonandback Interviews

Last week, Alvin Remmers of posted a new interview we did last year at the SEDS conference in Boulder. Now that both segments have been published, Alvin gave me permission again, to embed them here for future reference (these interviews first appeared on, © Moonandback Media LLC, All Rights Reserved): Part 1: Interview with Jon […]
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Sticky Boom™ In The Media

Altius Space Machines and Sticky Boom™ have been getting some pretty amazingly good coverage in the media over the past several days, mostly thanks articles in Aviation Week by Frank Morring Jr. and by Jeff Foust in MIT’s Technology Review last Monday and Tuesday.  Here’s a short list of the articles we’ve had since last […]
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Direct to Station (D2S™) Deliveries System

[Note: this is a blog post version of a whitepaper we recently sent out describing the technical idea that is at the heart of the Altius business plan I pitched at the 2011 NewSpace Business Plan Competition.] Problem Introduction A key missing capability that is needed to enable commercially competitive research and development on space […]
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Moonandback Interviews (Updated)

While at Space Access earlier this month, I had the opportunity to participate in a good interview with Alvin Remmers of Alvin’s group has been doing a number of interesting interviews of various individuals in the community, and usually posts them in ~10min long segments. Now that all of the segments have been published, […]
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4/20/2011 Sticky Boom Sprint #2 Update

Ok, now for a quick update: Worked with Kirk, Forrest, and the Red Rocks Systems guys pinning down the functional requirements for the electronics/controls part of the project. While this isn’t a very visible milestone it’s an important one. Part of the challenge was making sure we prioritized features into A-list functionality that we have […]
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