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Asteroid Boulder Retrieval System Follow-the-Build on Twitter

Sorry for the brevity of recent blog posts. Altius has been heads-down getting its prototype hardware completed for the Asteroid Redirect Mission BAA we’re wrapping-up this week. Blogging takes longer than tweeting, so for now if you’d like to follow-the build, please follow us on Twitter @AltiusSpace for more updates and pictures. Hopefully once the […]
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We’ve Moved!

After almost exactly four years renting office space at the DaVinci Vault, Altius has now moved to a new facility in Broomfield, CO. The Vault was a wonderful coworking environment, and we were grateful of how tolerant they were of us doing hardware prototyping in what was meant to be an office environment, and we’ll […]
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Altius Comments to the EAR NPRM

Here are some comments that I prepared on behalf of Altius for the Export Administration Regulations (EAR) Notice of Proposed Rule Making (NPRM) I’ve been discussing on Selenian Boondocks (here, here, and here). This NPRM proposes how the Department of Commerce would handle spacecraft, spacecraft components, and spacecraft technologies that the State Department proposes to […]
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Still Alive and Kicking

Someone pointed out today that I hadn’t done a blog post here since last September. I hadn’t realized it had been that long, and would like people to know that Altius is alive and kicking, and plugging away on our two DARPA contracts, also working on new technology development, proposal writing for various government and […]
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Careers and Internships Page

Just a quick note that Bill has put the finishing touches on a careers/internships page on our site, with details on four positions, including the two mechanical engineering positions previously mentioned, an executive assistant position, and an aerospace/mechanical/systems engineering internship position. This way I don’t have to clutter up the blog with extensive details on […]
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Electroadhesive “Sticky Boom” Rendezvous (An Introduction and Sprint #2)

For those of you who missed my presentation at the annual Space Access Conference earlier this month, Altius publicly rolled-out our first core product–An Electroadhesive “Sticky Boom” for Non-Cooperative Rendezvous and Capture. While the presentation provides some more details, the basic idea was that by combining Kirk Sorensen’s “Boom Rendezvous” concept with SRI’s Electrostatic Adhesion […]
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