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Asteroid Boulder Retrieval System Follow-the-Build on Twitter

Sorry for the brevity of recent blog posts. Altius has been heads-down getting its prototype hardware completed for the Asteroid Redirect Mission BAA we’re wrapping-up this week. Blogging takes longer than tweeting, so for now if you’d like to follow-the build, please follow us on Twitter @AltiusSpace for more updates and pictures. Hopefully once the […]
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We’ve Moved!

After almost exactly four years renting office space at the DaVinci Vault, Altius has now moved to a new facility in Broomfield, CO. The Vault was a wonderful coworking environment, and we were grateful of how tolerant they were of us doing hardware prototyping in what was meant to be an office environment, and we’ll […]
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HatchBasket™: Genesis of A Concept

This week, Altius is rolling out an updated homepage with a focus on a commercial ISS-enabled SmallSat deployment project (“HatchBasket™”) that we’re developing with the help of NanoRacks LLC. HatchBasket is a basket-shaped structure that carries one or more CubeSat/SmallSat deployers, which is designed to mount into the hatchway of an ISS cargo vehicle, immediately […]
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