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Building the Team

As I mentioned in the post yesterday, one of the tasks I’m trying to work with right now is bringing together a core team of engineers with the skills we need to carry out the projects we want to go after as a company. We’re not yet in a hiring mode, but we wanted to […]
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Five Control Loops

Starting a new business has been an eye opener for me. As several people have expressed interest in hearing more about what it’s like, I wanted to do a quick post about the five “control loops” I’m trying to keep in my mind at any given moment. #1: Project Management The first loop is managing […]
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SSI Presentation and Panel Discussion

As mentioned previously, I was on a panel discussing a roadmap for near-term cislunar transportation development at the SSI conference this last weekend in Silicon Valley.  For the panel, Dallas Bienhoff and I put together a presentation about some important in-space transportation technologies, with a focus on a depot-centric architecture (Here’s a link for those […]
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