Our friends at Space News have written a great piece about Altius’ latest venture – the HatchBasketYou can read the entire article at!

Welcome to Altius Space Machines, Inc.

Boulder, Colorado based Altius Space Machines, Inc. is a space technology company that is developing SmallSat Deployment Systems, ISS “Shirt Sleeve” Glovebox Robotics, Unique Grasping technologies to grasp a boulder off of an asteroid and Rendezvous and Docking solutions enabled by our robotics and grasping Sticky Boom technology. Altius is enabling exciting new capabilities for extending Small and Microsat operational lifetimes, deployment of SmallSat Constellations as well as satellite servicing, orbital debris removal, and scientific sample return missions.


This website provides introductory information on the Altius team, the underlying technologies, specific market applications, as well as a blog discussing the recent developments, and copies of our recent papers and presentations. For more technical or business information, please contact us.


Altius is changing the way we think about what’s possible in commercial space. By providing the technology to increase payload deployments and carry it further than ever before, the possibilities become extraordinary. Our efforts to develop technology that makes commercial space more affordable will enable exploration efforts by others to be more viable and effective in both the long and short term.


Space exploration is more than traveling long distances with efficiency and purpose – it’s also about keeping our own territory clean and hazard free. Altius has been developing the resources we need to clean up our space junk and make the return journey to Earth safer.


We are looking for brilliant minds. Altius is in the business of solving complex problems with simple solutions. If you are looking to make an impact on the inevitable future of commercial space, and have the passion for solving the once impossible puzzles of extraterrestrial travel, we would love to have a conversation with you.